Are you wondering why God has not answered the prayers of so many "terminal" CANCER and HIV patients?
God has heard the many prayers of cancer patients and AIDS patients globally... and He has already answered by revealing multiple cures for cancer and HIV.  In fact, the servants of the Lord have been fighting to get this information out to the public for almost a decade, but the elitist medical establishment is spending millions of dollars on lawyers and lawsuits to suppress these new medical findings.

The average cancer or AIDS patient now spends more than $100,000.00 to be administered treatments that most usually do not even cure cancer or AIDS.  In fact, the establishment's barbaric poisons often make patients more ill by destroying healthy cells and the body's natural immune system.  Next to drilling a hole in your skull to "let the demons out," they can't get much further behind the times.  (And if you have read the "Reality Check" portion of the web site, you already know how these "plagues" are seen as "beneficial" by the Population Control Council and other eugenics organizations.)

In short, the elitists are getting rich off the unnecessary deaths of the common citizens.  The current medical establishment has been structured and financed by the rich industrialists and their lobbyists, so of course, the AMA and FDA pressure, suppress and even ban medical discoveries that would almost bankrupt their own corporate sponsors and alliances.  As a result, the "system" has become more concerned with wealth than health.

If the masses found out that they could cure themselves of these pathogens for a couple hundred dollars, the elitist pharmaceutical companies and medical institutions would lose hundreds of billions of dollars overnight.  Unfortunately, diseases like cancer and AIDS have become very profitable businesses for many tentacles of the medical industry.  A customer cured is a customer lost in the eyes of the greedy, cold-hearted socialists.

But in reality, many patients could cure themselves in a few weeks without any help from the elitist profiteers or the medical establishment.  Of course, the last thing the industrial socialists want is for the public to know that they are no longer dependent on the establishment to survive.  Once the masses know the truth, the elitists can no longer use our own bodies to blackmail us into paying for billions of dollars worth of useless treatments each year.  It is time to take our power back from the pharmaceutical Mafia and heal our selves.

Why should we just lay down and die because a greedy elite oligarchy says it is illegal to take the cure.  Actually, the FDA does not even have any jurisdiction over the cure for cancer or the cure for AIDS, because the Christian researchers found that no pharmaceutical chemicals or processed food is necessary... hence no need for the "Food and Drug Administration."

Yet for some mysterious reason (not really), the medical industry and elite media have gone to great lengths to make sure the general public (their customer base) does not have access to the new technology (and ancient wisdom.)  In many cases, hostile agents of the FDA dressed like "men in black" have even been know to follow and threaten the families of the medical researchers who believe they have found the cure for AIDS and cancer.

Activist/corrupt courts have actually granted this alliance of powerful drug companies the right to censor independent research that does not profit their corporations.  The government figuratively "cuts the tongues out" of anyone who disagrees with their "drug and scalpel" paradigm.  Their lawsuits have forbidden these "outside" medical researchers from legally speaking certain words in the English language... like the word "cure."  What ever happened to freedom of speech?  You don't have to believe everything everyone says, but if this is still America, then we should have the right to say whatever we believe... even if we do not agree with the "establishment."

At present, the mainstream line of thinking is confined to barbaric ideologies like cutting up bodies or administering harsh synthetic chemicals with deadly side effects.  But in reality, all it takes to eliminate most bacteria, pathogens, parasites and viruses is the application of low voltage microcurrents of electricity or electromagnetic fields to the bloodstream.  This restoration of the bloods natural energy balance allows the immune system of the body to fight and discard the pathogens in about a month... with NO negative side-effects like drugs and knives.
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(In order to protect myself and my family of Christian researchers, I must disclaim that I am not selling any of these treatments.  I receive absolutely no financial profit from any of these organizations and I am not myself a medical doctor.  I make no promises or guarantees.  My only role in this is to speak what I believe and pass along the good news.  Personally, I have seen the test results and have seen loved ones cured by these techniques, but I encourage you to judge for yourself.)
Research at Albert Einstein College of Medicine in New York introduced this cure more than a decade ago.  Patent # 5,188,738 was granted by the United States Patent Office, proving that the technology actually works.  The original research suggested applying the microcurrents to the blood by draining the blood out of the body and running it through a machine much like dialysis.  Other researchers proposed using a surgical implant much like a pacemaker to apply the microcurrent or frequency to the bloodstream.

But in reality, there is no need for these intrusive procedures because the same technology is perfectly effective by applying external electrodes over the arteries of the wrists for about two hours each day.  In fact, clinical tests show that this procedure has cured over 90% of the HIV patients and cancer patients who volunteered for the studies.  The concept is actually so simple that nearly anyone can get the design on-line and make it themselves from a little nine volt battery and parts available at a local Radio Shack.

But of course the medical establishment does not want anyone curing them selves at home.  They want to keep us believing that we are totally dependent on them to survive.  When the news of this breakthrough technology does finally escape into the mainstream, they want to force us to come into their hospitals and use their intrusive machines, so they can charge us hundreds of thousands of dollars for the same treatment we could self-produce for about ten bucks.

Moreover, these Christian scientists have devised a local application coil that emits an electromagnetic field pulse to destroy bacterial infections in places that the bloodstream and conventional antibiotics cannot effectively reach.  For example, these electromagnetic waves/frequencies can even kill hard-to-reach bacterial infections in the prostate and "root-canal" teeth.  At present, the "all knowing" medical community is still telling patients that there is no real cure for chronic prostate infections, but again, yes there is.

Even further, there are several other safe and natural alternatives to cure most "incurable" diseases.  For example, an Illinois horse farmer named John Hoxsey discovered the herbal cure for cancer back in the 1800's.  One of his horses was deemed "terminal" by the local vet after developing a large cancerous tumor, so he put the horse "out to pasture" to die.  But to everyone's surprise, natural "horse sense" located a cure.  The tumor immediately began shrinking until the horse was completely cancer free in about three months.

The farmer had noticed the horse kept eating from a certain part of the pasture where many natural herbs were growing, so he began testing these herbal combinations on other animals with cancer and tumors.  In the 1840's he became famous as a folk healer.  He then passed the formulas on to his grandson, John C. Hoxsey, a veterinarian in  Southern Illinois.  In the early 1900's, he and his son Harry began to test the cancer cure on humans.  Following is a short excerpt about their history from page 12-13 of the book, When Healing Becomes a Crime, by Kenny Ausebel:

"After his father's death, Harry founded the first Hoxsey Cancer Clinic in 1924, heralded by the local 
chamber of commerce and high school marching bands on Main Street.
So begins the Hoxsey legend, and with it the thirty-five-year cancer war between organized medicine
and the folk healer ... by the 1950's, Hoxsey's stronghold in Dallas, Texas, grew to be the world's largest
privately owned cancer center, with branches spreading to seventeen states.  Two federal courts upheld the 
therapeutic value of the treatment.  Even his archenemies the American Medical Association and the Food
and Drug Administration admitted that the therapy does cure certain forms of cancer.
Nevertheless, the medical authorities denied Hoxsey's insistent plea for a fair scientific test.  Instead
they worked to ban the treatment, outlawing it entirely in the United States in 1960.  Hoxsey's chief nurse,
Mildred Nelson, took the treatment to Tijuana in 1963, abandoning any hope of offering it in the United

Sadly, the medical Mafia have run nearly every cure out of the country.  The scientists and doctors producing and distributing the pocket-size devices for microcurrent electricity have been driven to off-shore facilities and into Canada and China.  And the Hoxsey Clinic is still banished to Mexico.  Furthermore, there is a molecularly charged water product being created in Japan that neutralizes pathogens and viruses, curing everything from Chronic Fatigue Syndrome to warts to Herpes to HIV.  But when mainstream Americans hear the dreaded diagnosis of an easily curable "terminal" illness, they are often propagandized to believe their families must give every penny they have to the medical establishment and then die.
Please do not die or let your loved ones suffer and die.  You have been lied to, wittingly or unwittingly, but you do not have to die.  Please listen to the medical discoveries coming out of the kingdom of God, rather than the self-serving propaganda coming out of organized medicine.  There is hope... there is help and there are answers to your prayers.  Just listen to the servants of the Lord.

Even if you are anti-Christ, I invite you to check out the research data for yourself.  Even if you are one of those brainwashed socialists who think I have somehow broken the law or illegally offended someone's civil liberties by speaking what I believe to be true, please open your mind and at least investigate my claims.  It is time to take our lives back...take our power back... and take our freedom back.

Following are the web-sites and/or addresses of those who believe they have discovered diverse cures for cancer and nearly all known viruses, including HIV.  These sites provide the actual scientific evidence, patents and clinical data that should satisfy any reasonable person that these cures are safe, effective, cheap and self-administered.
*Not intended to Diagnose, Treat, or Cure dis-ease or illness, nor is it to be presented or construed,
 in any way,  as a substitute for Professional Medical, Surgical or Psychiatric Care or Treatment.

(And here are just a few sites to find more answers.)
*Not intended to Diagnose, Treat, or Cure dis-ease or illness, nor is it to be presented or construed,
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Disclaimer to protect myself from big pharma legal vultures:
*Not intended to Diagnose, Treat, or Cure dis-ease or illness, nor is it to be presented or construed,
 in any way,  as a substitute for Professional Medical, Surgical or Psychiatric Care or Treatment.

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It describes many suppressed Cancer Treatments
Just as big pharma suppressed information about Ivermectin, Hydroxychloroquin and other life-saving medications during the "Covid" deaths, they have been doing the same for other diseases they tell us are "incurable"