Communist Bible-banning sweeps America.
Children punished for having Bibles.
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Cheif Justice removed from office for acknowledging God.
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Terrorist training camps right here on American soil.
Almost every time a peaceful Christian community or elected Christian leader wants to freely express themselves, the deep pockets behind the ACLU "thought/speech police" and the activist judges step in to censor their "politically incorrect" belief system.  In the footsteps of every fascist police-state throughout world history, these left-wing "officials" in America have already begun forcing citizens to remove their religious expressions... primarily crosses, Bibles, displays of the Ten Commandments and all references to Jesus Christ. 

The liberal politicians/lawyers are also using an IRS clause to punish any church that voices an opinion about the government.  In August of 2004, several Christian preachers were sued for publicly expressing their support of George W. Bush.  The liberal machine is now trying to take away their tax-exempt status as punishment for expressing their opinions amongst their own congregation.  I guess the left-wing elitist "establishment" believes that we citizens give up all our rights the moment we become Christians.  And I suppose these neo-communists think it makes perfect sense that Christians should have no voice in self-government... especially those that serve as leaders and pastors in the Christian community.  At the very least, they believe they have the right to dictate what we can and cannot say from our pulpits.

Even more absurd, in California a couple years ago, the government stepped in and took church land by force and gave it to an elitist corporation.  They claimed to be invoking the Eminent Domain Clause because a "tax-paying" owner of the land would benefit the "state" more than a tax-exempt church charity. Are you getting this?  We are drifting into a police state.  The leftist government officials no longer see them selves as "public servants," quite the opposite, they see the citizens as their servants... and they alone dictate what we can and cannot do, speak and think. 

Seriously, not one single American was ever asked to vote on whether we wanted to ban the Bible from "public education."  And no one was ever allowed to vote on whether we wanted to ban public prayer or the Ten Commandments either.  In reality, a handful of elite socialists with deep pockets circumvented our democratic process to get these agendas enforced on our "free" society.  And if these elitists and their left-wing political hand-puppets solely dictate what ideology is acceptable in public, then doesn't that make them dictators by definition?  

Just think about it:  What does "politically correct" really mean?  It means that all speech deemed "incorrect" by the government "politicians" is forbidden... and even illegal in many cases. They haven't stooped to the level of dictatorships like Saddam Hussein, but they have figuratively "cut the tongues out" of all those who disagree with their secular agendas.    What ever happened to freedom of speech?  Where's all of this "tolerance" the liberals keep preaching?  I sure don't see them "tolerating" much Christian expression or ideology.

Why should this tiny (less than 14% of America) elite group of secular leftists and Communist God-haters have the right to strip every mention of Jesus, God, the Bible and the Ten Commandments from public view...just because it "offends" them?  Ooooh, poor-baby... are you going to be OK... do you think you'll make it?  Get over it.  You know the old adage, "sticks and stones may break my bones, but words will never hurt me."  Come on, I'm OFFENDED by most of the immoral trash spewing out of the liberal media, but they sure don't think I have any right to silence or censor them. 

We are the MAJORITY. So why are we laying down and letting the ACLU gurus and their figurehead clients censor our speech and beliefs from society and our own governing body?  The battle (culture war) is already in full swing... It's high time to awake from our slumber and fight to restore cultural freedom in America... and around the globe.  I pray: May God once again bless this United States as a beacon of liberty and justice for all.  In Jesus Christ's name and for His sake, so be it.
Freedom of expression and freedom of religion are nearly things of the past in America... especially for Judeo-Christians.  Much as the Jews were mocked and persecuted by the National Socialist Party (Nazi Party) in Germany, Judeo-Christians are now being discriminated against in secular America and all across Europe... not to mention the savage persecutions taking place in the Muslim and Communist nations.  Just in the last 30 years, well over a half million Christians have been massacred by various political dictators around the globe.  Most Islamic dictatorships consider it a capitol crime to be a Christian, so hundreds of thousands of Christians in Africa and the Middle East have had their homes and churches burned to the ground, while their families are tortured, raped and murdered for their faith in Christ.  Although this ongoing Christian persecution is a massive global "phenomenon," it is one of the best kept secrets of the elitist-run liberal media.  And while things have not yet gotten this bad in America, the Christian persecution and discrimination grows ever more hostile everyday.  "Liberal" judges and leftist politicians have already been ordering communities to remove all expressions of Christianity from public view.  (Text continued below link icons.)