If you would like to receive Jesus as your personal Lord and Savior and begin a new destiny in Christ, just say this simple prayer to the Lord who loves you:

Jesus Christ, I believe You are God's Messiah.  Please save me and fill my soul with Your
Holy Spirit.  I dedicate my time on earth to Your mission, so please take control and change
my life.  I trust You to be my Savior, Redeemer, Provider, Defender, Guide, Friend and Lord
throughout eternity.  Amen.
They support legalized prostitution and polygamy, but oppose teaching abstinence in sex education classes.  They support abortion clinics, but file lawsuits against Christian crisis pregnancy centers.  They oppose school vouchers that allow students to escape indoctrination, but support busing between public schools.  They oppose government ethics committees, but support ideological tests to filter out Christian court appointees.  And they oppose the United States' War on Terror, but demand constitutional protection for enemy soldiers that bear arms against the United States.

With the cooperation of corrupt judges, the ACLU is helping the Communist movement take over America just as the Nazi regime took over Germany.  In eerie similarity to the persecution of the Jews, the Communist courts in America have already begun treating Christians as criminals.  For example, Federal Judge Samuel Kent ruled in favor of the ACLU in a case against a privately sponsored Santa Fe Baccalaureate service in 1995.  He blatantly ordered that nobody could pray in the name of Jesus.  In his violently hostile decision, he wrote, "Anybody who violates these orders, no kidding, is going to wish that he or she had died as a child when this court get through with it."

That same "United States" Federal Judge, Samuel Kent, mandated that Federal Marshals monitor the service to imprison anyone who prayed in the name of Jesus... for a minimum of six months.  The social philosophy and hateful attitude of this man sounds exactly like Hitler's henchmen within the Nazi courts.

I always wondered how an entire nation could lay down and turn a blind eye to the Jewish persecution and holocaust.  How could millions fall under the sway of such an obviously evil dictator?  But here I am just sixty years later, watching it happen again... in my own country.

We know that we are of God, and the whole world lies under the sway of the wicked one.
I John 5: 19
His watchmen are blind, they are all ignorant... Yes they are greedy dogs which never have enough.
And they are shepherds who cannot understand.  They all look to their own way, every one for his
own gain.
Isaiah 56: 10-11
They are blind leaders of the blind.  And if the blind leads the blind, both will fall into a ditch.
Matthew 15: 14

The American government and "public education" system openly discriminate against Bible believers.  And make no mistake, all religion is not being censored; the only belief system being attacked is the Judeo-Christian faith.  Secular Humanism is defined as a religious belief system, with ordained leaders and 501 C-3 tax-exempt status.  Yet, their theories are not only taught in every American public school, but also deemed mandatory since 1968.

Even if you believe the Bible is mere mythology, why are there no similar lawsuits against Roman or Greek mythology in public schools?  Or, when was the last time you heard about a Principal making a Hindu child wipe the dot off their forehead?  Why do Buddhist exchange students have the right to practice their religion anywhere, yet American-born students do not have freedom to express their Christian heritage in public?

Why are there no Supreme Court decisions banning the Islamic Koran from our schools?  Quite the opposite, some American history curriculums even require students to reenact Muslim pilgrimages.  Students are assigned the tasks of adopting Muslim names, learning the pillars of the faith and even reading Islamic prayers in class.  Likewise, "Witchcraft 101" from the Harry Potter series is assigned reading in schools all across the nation.

In case after case, we can see the Communist propaganda influencing society to turn against Bible-believing Jews and Christians.  With unbridled intolerance, a teacher in Willis, Texas recently took two girls to the office and threw their Bibles in the trash.  Convicting herself, she said, "This garbage is not tolerated in school."  And when the girls' mother, Debra Bedenbender, went to the school to stand up for the civil rights of her children, they made no apologies.  The teacher waved the Holy Book in her face and brazenly repeated, "This is garbage, it is not tolerated in school...Do you understand?"
Although most people get a little nervous when we start talking about mind control, it is clear that the minds of humanity are being systematically programmed.  When you came into the world, you had to be trained to do everything... from talking to using the bathroom.  Your brain is like a computer, so your individual operating system functions according to the data you take in.  From the day you were born, your entire reality (frame of reference) has been created by the knowledge you gathered through schools, television, magazines, newspapers, society and various other information dispensers.

The sad reality is that some powerful people use these forums to feed us propaganda.  And throughout the last fifty years, they have successfully indoctrinated much of the mainstream into their godless worldview.  Although most people live in the shallow illusion that they are in control, there are truly thirteen kingpin families that run the world.  According to Fritz Springmeier, author of Bloodlines of the Illuminati, these ancient genealogies can currently be identified by fifteen family surnames from nations all around the globe:  Rockefeller, Rothschild, DuPont, Li, Astor, Bundy, Collins, Freeman, Kennedy, Onassis, Russell, Holy Merovingian, Van Duyn, Krupp and Reynolds.

The Bible describes them as the kings or patriarchs of the twelve tribes of humanity.  Even today, these totalitarian "royal families" control hundreds of nations.  Even in America, several wealthy families currently lust after world control through economic empires.  Over the generations, they have created a power base that continually spoon feeds knowledge to humanity in a way that benefits their selfish agendas... and keeps them in power over the general public.  Their conglomerates own everything from industrial production to the media... and employ everyone from the drug cartels to the international Mafia.  To accomplish their agenda, they have established thousands of corporations, tax-exempt foundations and family trusts to distribute their money and employ humanity.

Although many of their companies, like the Federal Reserve Bank use the term "federal," they are actually privately owned corporations that loan money to individuals and national governments.  We continually hear the term "national debt," but the general public does not make the connection that our country (and every other country) is indebted to a specific group of rich kingpins.

Even though the United States Constitution forbids a central bank, the Socialists have successfully placed our country under the control of foreign leaders through a central bank known as the "Fed."  For those who don't study economics, control over the U.S. Fed is basically control over the world's money.  And by no coincidence, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York was once controlled by five lesser banks that had 53% stock ownership.  Nathan M. Rothschild and Sons of London controlled all five of those banks.  Presently, the Rockefellers and Rothschilds share control of the Fed.

In like manner, control of the major media is control over the world's information.  Just as Iraq had an "information minister" to release the regime's propaganda, the global overlords use their media conglomerates to indoctrinate the public into their agenda.  According to Eustace Mullins, author of Who Owns the TV Networks, Rothschild agents have control of all three major U. S. Networks, as well as the recording and mass media industry.

As evidence of this massive control network, the director of the Rockefeller Brothers Fund was also an NBC director, chairman of RCA, director of Aspen Institute of Humanistic Studies, Atlantic-Richfield Oil and Champion Paper Company.  (His name is Thornton Bradshaw.)  Likewise, the director of the Rockefeller Foundation, was an NBC director and a chairman for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, which controls all other Federal Reserve Banks.  (His name is John Brademas.)  Even worse, Brademas was celebrated Humanist (Socialist) of the Year in 1978.

It makes perfect sense that many CFR and UN politicians run the industries of the world, since these same elite families founded the Council on Foreign Relation (CFR) and the United Nations (UN.)  For example, Henry B. Schnacht of the CFR was also a director of CBS, director of AT&T, director of Chase Manhattan, chairman of Cummins Engine Company, Brookings Institute and the Committee for Economic Development.  Although the kingpins pay countless politicians to be their puppets, they cunningly prefer to keep their names obscured from public knowledge.

But just a few of the companies openly owned by the Rockefellers are General Electric, Standard Oil, Texas Instruments and Eastman Kodak.  And just a few of the famous families descended from the Rothschild Dynasty (biblical tribe of Nimrod) are Sassoon, Bauer, J.P. Morgan and the Farben chemical cartel.  It is no coincidence that J.P. Morgan has been the bank for 96 of the world's 100 largest firms.

Down another tentacle, George Hunt blew the lid off the UNCED Earth Summit scandal, by disclosing that the Rothschilds and the Rockefellers were using their World Conservation Bank to buy up the world's most precious land.  Under the guise of environmental protection, they have successfully gained the title deed to most of planet earth.  Using this leverage, the elitists hide behind the "environmentalist movement" to keep America from drilling for domestic oil... which keeps foreign leaders in control of oil prices and supply.

Even further, systematic mergers have gathered the majority of banks into the hands of the global oligarchy.  (I.e., Citibank, Bank of America, J.P. Morgan, Chemicle Bank and Chase)  Hence, the kingpins have easily acquired the title deeds to almost everyone's land, home and vehicle under the guise of mortgages and loans.

The rich rules over the poor, and the borrower is servant to the leader.
Proverbs 22: 7

In addition to their economic empires, they have set up a political forum from which to reign over earth.  Even though many brainwashed people still call the United Nations the "salvation of the world," the public needs to know who created and controls this global government.  After the United States rejected previous socialist attempts to institute global control from the League of Nations, Edmond de Rothschild of France launched a revised plan to achieve the "New World Order" in 1919.  To do this, the "godfathers" set up several agencies influencing both eastern and western society to embrace globalism.
They decided separate cooperating organizations could achieve this without the appearance of a conspiracy.  Consequently in 1921, the Council on Foreign Relations (CFR) was birthed in New York, while the Royal Institute of International Affairs (RIIA) was set up in London.  Both were funded by J.D. Rockefeller, J.P. Morgan and various other Rothschild agents.  Their subsidiary tentacles were:  The Institute of Pacific Relations in the Far East; the Institut fur Auswartige Politik in Germany; and the Centre d'Etudes de Politicque in France.

Further mind-boggling research on the billionaire founders of the U. N. can be located in the following works: The Puppet Master by J. Isamu Yamamoto; Rockefeller, Campaigning for the New World Order by Gary Allen; Baron James, The Rise of the French Rothschilds by Anka Muhlstein; The World Order by Eustice Mullins; Be Wise As Serpents by Fritz Springmeier; and Final Notice by Barry Smith.

To make a very long story short, this sophisticated program of social engineering branched into further subsidiary groups for "international peace," which eventually established the United Nations Charter.  Some call this Rothschild government the U. N. and some call it the New World Order: But the biblical name for this end time common market and global kingdom is Babylon.

And if those tidbits don't send up red flags, the United Nations just divided the globe into ten regions for ease of governing.  This completely fulfills the ten end time kingdoms predicted by the Old Testament prophet Daniel... and the ten kings predicted by the New Testament prophet John.  The ten family dynasties that run the U.N. are the ten kingdoms of Babylon.

I could go on and on, but the point is that these "overlords" have control of practically every mainstream institution.  They have created a network system where their money can funnel down through banks, holding companies, corporations, trusts, foundations and "grass roots" agencies until we all get a little money.  In turn, we give all our money right back to them through their banks, utility companies, stocks and retail chains.  These kingpins have literally manipulated the entire world system, turning it into a single large corporation that uses all of humanity as employees... or slaves trapped inside their economic treadmill.

Although the elitist kingpins create the illusion that individuals are making money, the truth is that we are only allowed to hold their money for a moment.  Statistics show that the vast majority of Americans live payday to payday, barely making ends meet.  On the other hand, the kingpin families get wealthier every year:  They own thousands of mansions and entire islands as private family resorts... while millions of poor children die for lack of common medicines, food and clean water.  Surely, you can see that their selfish economic slavery is a heavy burden for the "everyday Joe."

No one can freely live anymore, because money has become our master.  We literally cannot afford to fulfill the desires of our hearts.  As a result, most of us live our whole lives feeling misunderstood and frustrated as we exist outside of our true purpose.  Furthermore, we do not even realize we are enslaved because we were born into this system.  Since we have been brainwashed to be mindless drones for the elitist "work force," many of us have not accessed an original idea in years.  We simply emulate the images that the controllers broadcast through their media outlets.  We cut our hair like everyone else, dress like everyone else and think like everyone else.  Even worse, we ridicule those that do not "fit in" or bow down to the SYSTEM.

Sadly, the strategy of these Communist controllers has been successful with most of society.  Work and sleep, work and sleep... that is the life the rich overlords have chosen for us.  Corporate mergers have become high tech slave trades.  In fact, many of their documents refer to us as "cattle."  To keep us in the dark, they employ the ancient Roman philosophy called "bread and circus."  This technique exploits the psychology of human nature; proving that people will not revolt or question the system as long as they have a full belly and something to entertain their mind.

As proof that "bread and circus" works, three times as many Americans voted for the People's Choice Awards than voted for a President of the United States of America.  True to form, much of the "civilized" world spends their entire life on earth punching the system's time clock and staring at the "boob-tube."  As long as most people have a beer and a ball game, they willingly lay aside their dreams and aspirations... not to mention the responsibility and mission of their Life.
Unfortunately, most people are never even taught that they have a specific destiny or purpose.  Since the Communists banned the Bible and prayer in America, public schools have become REEDUCATION CAMPS that successfully indoctrinate our descendants to sell their life on earth to the highest bidder.  In fact, nearly all of humanity has been taught to sell their lives by the hour... $7.00 per hour, $10.00 per hour, $100.00 per hour.  "Public education" teaches this generation to settle for a "good paying job," but neglects to cultivate the unique destiny inside each child.  Now, an entire generation does not know God as Source:  They have been trained to depend on the Socialist "SYSTEM" as their only source of provision.

It is no secret that many of these kingpin families are heavily involved in satanic occult practices and International Communism.  For example, the German Rothschilds financed the "Bund der Gerechten" league, which paid Karl Marx to write the Communist Manifesto.  In addition to creating National Socialism (Nazism) and International Socialism (Communism,) their companies supplied Hitler and Stalin throughout all of World War II.  For example, the Farben chemical cartel created the lethal Zyklon B gas that was used to exterminate the Jews during the Holocaust.  And by no coincidence, Adolf Hitler was the biological grandson of the Vienna Rothschilds.
While most Americans remain completely oblivious, this subtle Communist invasion has already slithered through the loopholes in our government system, thereby overturning the Constitution of the United States of America without ever allowing the citizens to vote.  Sadly, their "smoke and mirrors" scheme has already tricked many Americans into ideologically becoming Communists.  Just as Hitler's "public education" deceived Germans into persecuting the Jews, the elitist propaganda has convinced many Americans that it is "politically correct" to discriminate against Judeo-Christians.

Even though the Constitution guarantees freedom of speech for everyone, many Americans buy into the idea that Christians do not have a right to freely express themselves in public forums.  It all began with the socialist campaign slogan:  "separation of church and state."  Most Americans do not even realize that the phrase "separation of church and state" is NOT in our Constitution.  Unfortunately, five of the nine Supreme Court Justices have been swayed by the Communist Party, thereby allowing this group of elitists to enforce their motto as if it were America's national law.

The expression "separation of church and state" is actually a "spin" on a half-sentence from an antique Jefferson letter.  This personal note mentioned that the new government should never be allowed to interfere with religious freedoms, thus establishing a "wall of separation."  Laying aside the fact that this private note is not anyone's national Constitution, how can a "judge" (and I use the term loosely) cite a letter demanding the government not interfere with religion as the primary reason for the government to forbid us from publicly practicing our religion?

How can our Supreme Court be so incompetent?  Good Lord, a fourth grade child could discern the truth by simply reading the Constitution.  If they need help interpreting the author's intent, there is no shortage of evidence.  The author of the First Amendment also wrote a national article reminding schools that the Bible must be the primary textbook in the classroom... but that letter certainly was not deemed national law by the Supreme Court.  In fact, personal letters between citizens have never been interpreted as national law in any other case.  But when it comes to an elitist agenda, common mail becomes interchangeable with the Constitution of the United States of America.
Ironically, our forefathers specifically came to America seeking a place to freely worship God... fleeing from the royal families and government controlled religion.  The Mayflower Compact, which is America's birth certificate, verbatim states that the pilgrims were directed by God to establish a free Christian nation.  Christianity is the entire heritage and backbone of American freedom, whether you can cope with that or not.  Every legal document and founding institution drips with the moral principals of God.  Just look at our American money:  Anyone can clearly see that our national motto is:  "In God We Trust."  How do you reconcile that with the Communist worldview of separation?

Although censored from American education, the public should know that twenty-seven signers of the Declaration of the Independence were Christian ministers with seminary degrees.  The United States Congress even passed a law in 1832 requiring all Americans to spend time in earnest prayer.  In fact, the United States Supreme Court of our forefathers already ruled on this exact "separation of church and state" precedent.  The nineteenth century court spent ten years compiling all United States' founding documents.  Their exhaustive goal was to decide if the United States of America should be defined as a "Christian nation.The court records show that all nine Supreme Court Justices unanimously agreed on the Trinity Decision of 1892, which reads:

"Our laws and institutions must necessarily be based upon and embody the teachings of the
Redeemer of mankind.  It is impossible that it should be otherwise, and in this sense and to this
extent, our civilization and our institutions are emphatically Christian.  This is a religious people,
this is historically true from the discovery of this continent to the present hour, there is a single
voice making this affirmation.  We find everywhere, a clear recognition of the same truth.  This is
a Christian nation."

And every inaugural address of every U. S. President, throughout all of U.S. history, acknowledges the Almighty God... imploring His help and guidance.  Likewise, every single State Constitution contains a prayer or appeal to the Almighty God.  Although mind-boggling, the Supreme Court could just look around their own workplace and see that their interpretation of the Constitution is the polar opposite of the framers' intentions.  There are at least twenty paintings, carvings, statues and other representations of Moses and the Ten Commandments around the courtroom.  In addition to the "Tablets of the Law" theme, the Crier actually announces the proceedings, saying, "God save the United States and this honorable court."

You don't have to be Sherlock Holmes to figure out what is really going on here.  Since there is no way highly trained federal judges could overlook such a mountain of evidence contradicting their rulings, I am forced to recognize their bias is caused by corruption.  And I am not the first person to try to warn the public of this rising dictatorship.  Senator Joseph McCarthy exposed this Communist infiltration decades ago.  But as usual, the left-wing elitists used their propaganda machine (TV, newspapers and publishing houses) to smear his name and cover up his evidence.  The mainstream media and the left-wing Socialists slandered him as a "commie-witch-hunter," so the brainwashed masses just dismissed his claims and allowed the Communist Party to continue taking over our country.

Bobby Kennedy even wrote an unpublished manuscript, The Enemy Within, which described the infiltration of our government branches... but he was assassinated before he could share his thoughts with the public. Conspiracy theorists will also be intrigued to know that nearly all the Supreme Court decisions removing God from American society stemmed from a single group of judges... the Warren Court.  And Supreme Court Justice Warren is the exact same politician that headed the Warren Commission to cover up the JFK assassination.  Here are the socialist court decisions that took away your freedom of speech, freedom of expression and freedom of religion:

1947 Everson v. Board of Education enacted the fraudulent "WALL" of separation.
1962 Engel v. Vitale banned prayer.
1963 Abington Township v. Schempp banned Bible reading.
1968 Epperson v. Arkansas took away a state's free choice not to teach evolution.
1980 Stone v. Graham banned the Ten Commandments.
1985 Wallace v. Jaffre banned a period of silence for meditation or voluntary prayer.
1987 Edwards v. Aguillard forbade public schools to teach any evidence of intelligent design or creation.
1992 Lee v. Weisman banned prayer at graduation.
In addition to this government-enforced atheism, the Communist courts have now forbidden students from saying the phrase, "One nation under God" in the Pledge of Allegiance.  Fifty years ago, people would not have believed this type of anti-Christ dictatorship would ever be allowed to rule America, but just look at us now.  Just as the Bible prophecies declare, our warped psyches now consider "good to be evil and evil to be good."

And if it seems evil to you to serve the Lord, choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve...
but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.
Joshua 24: 15

The Socialists have changed our judiciary into their personal "speech and thought police," having the right to censor certain words, ideas and beliefs from public education and acknowledgment.  Just think about it:
Evolution is the only scientific theory that is governmentally enforced:  While "Intelligent Design" is the only theory of biology that is censored by the U.S. government.  This is the exact same pattern that Stalin used to governmentally enforce his theories and ideology in the Communist Soviet Union... and the same pattern Hitler used to indoctrinate youth into his occult beliefs.

Even though our society is overflowing with hatred, crime and obscenity, the Supreme Court made it a top priority to stop a high school football team from praying before their games.  (They certainly wouldn't want that kind of freedom or morality spreading to the general public.)  Then in May of 2000, another federal judge forced two courthouses and fourteen schools to remove the Declaration of Independence, the Mayflower Compact and the Ten Commandments because they mention God.  How can the sight of our country's founding documents violate any American's civil rights?  And how can anyone believe that exposure to moral guidelines is detrimental to society?  Have we lost all grasp of reality?

How could so many people be duped into such an obviously misguided worldview?  Well, it all goes back to the propaganda network created by the kingpin families.  Their social engineering program is called
S.P.I.N. (which stands for Segmented Polycentric Integrated Network.)  This network of seemingly unrelated agencies each do their part, answering to the central command of the German Rothschilds.  It has been said that all roads lead to Rome, but in the case of the Communist movement, all roads lead to the Rothschilds.

Although they make it look like a grass roots movement, it is actually an interwoven group of lower-level organizations financed and established by the elitist foundations.  The Socialist movement systematically maintains recruiting centers on the Internet and college campuses.  When we trace the chain of command just a few steps, we find that every anti-war, anti-American and anti-Bush protest was instigated and even coordinated by groups like:  The International Socialist Organization, the Federal Communist Group and the Psychoanalysts for Social Reform.

Likewise, the deceptively titled American Civil Liberties Union is the primary organization responsible for removing religious freedoms from America.  According to Herb Titus, a former ACLU attorney, they have been executing a definite plan to reform America into a Socialist country since the 1960's.  Roger Baldwin, who founded the ACLU, openly advocated Communism.  And two of the ACLU board members later served as chairmen of the Communist Party of America.  The founder started the forerunner National Liberties Bureau in 1917 to fight the American government.

Over the past few decades, they have successfully degraded our strong moral brotherhood into their godless slave society. The Bible and prayer were never banned in America until about 40 years ago.  Likewise abortion was never considered legal or ethical until about 30 years ago.  These are both movements of the ACLU, which is currently financed by the Rockefeller foundations and other elitist agencies.  In 1931, the United States Congress investigated the ACLU agenda and released this conclusion:  "The American Civil Liberties Union is closely affiliated with the Communist movement in the United States.  And fully ninety percent of its efforts are on behalf of the Communists."

Furthermore, the Christian Law Association has handled over 75,000 cases that the ACLU filed against Christians just for expressing their beliefs publicly.  In fact, the ACLU caseload illustrates pinpoint accuracy to remove all remembrance of God and prepare the way for the kingpin agendas... and the Anti-Christ dictator.  For example, the ACLU fights to legalize drugs for the kingpin drug cartels, but opposes police checkpoints and drug searches.  They defend publicly funded profane art, but try to ban publicly funded religious art.  They oppose school prayer, but defend child pornography.
If for no other reason, President Bush's plan for school vouchers is necessary to restore our cultural freedom; and stop the blatant discrimination against and reeducation of Christian children.  Even the terrorist prisoners from the 9-11 bombing are allowed to practice their faith, while the U.S. government supplies them with special ethnic meals and copies of the Koran.  Yet, our own "free" American citizens are not afforded the same rights.

And it is even worse over seas:  France has already passed an "anti-cult" law that is being used to shut down Christian churches and forbid evangelism.  In Sudan, the anti-Christ government burns the homes of Christians... torturing and killing anyone heard singing or praising Jesus Christ.  Likewise, we all know that the Taliban and other Islamic terrorist dictatorships consider it a capital crime to convert to Christianity.  And recently in California, the government invoked "Eminent Domain" to forcibly take away church land and give it to an elitist corporation.

So, how did things get this bad?  Beginning in the 1930's, the Rockefeller and Carnegie foundations began promoting Socialism in public education.  The elitists converted most major universities into reeducation camps by infiltrating the boards through endowments and grants.  At that time, the elitist families stimulated two-thirds of the total endowment funding for all institutions of higher learning in America.  Simultaneously, they set up television networks in many foreign countries.  Public records even indicate that several elitist foundations made "donations" to the Baath Party, which Saddam Hussein used to set up schools all across Iraq.

They even took control of the textbook publishing houses.  For example, Avery Rockefeller, Jr. controls the Grolier, Inc. board meetings.  By revising history and printing lies, they have created a global society that oozes with anti-Christ, anti-Semitic and anti-American sentiment.  Many public school textbooks and foreign programs teach Arabs from childhood that hatred, murder and vengeance are sacred.  That is why good-intentioned Arabs are running around whacked out on propaganda, trying to blow up Jews and Americans.  (Specific clips of this propaganda can be viewed on the video The New Barbarians: Training Children to Kill at www.Caryltv.com)

A congressional investigation by the Reece Committee in the 1950's also discovered documents exposing the Communist agenda to take over our American public schools.  Rene Wormser, Counsel for the Reese Committee, wrote the following about the investigation:

"A very powerful complex of foundations and allied organizations has developed over the years to
exercise a high degree of control over education.  Part of this complex, and ultimately responsible
for it, are the Rockefeller and Carnegie groups of foundations."
"... leads one to the conclusion that there was, indeed, something in the nature of an actual
conspiracy among certain leading educators in the United States to bring about Socialism through
the use of our school systems..."

Regardless of the wrong-headed Socialist ideology being taught in our public school, all known data verifies that banning God does not benefit society in any way.  Just as the Soviet Union and other Communist countries fell into chaos, America is following in the footsteps of a failed social experiment.  The bare statistics prove that biblical living is far more peaceful than the secular lifestyle.  The numbers clearly show that there are more broken homes (hence broken hearts and dysfunctional children) now, than at any other point in American history.

The statistics also show we have much more stress, suicide, alcoholism, drug addiction, molestation, rape, murder, theft, pornography, adultery, fornication, divorce, gluttony, obesity, abortion, illiteracy and sexually transmitted diseases per capita than before the Supreme Court banned God.  And for the first time in American history, our society has been introduced to a new breed of children that are mass murderers.  We now have school shootings, drive-by shootings and kamikaze terrorist teens.  Although the Supreme Court arrogantly thinks then can overthrow the rule of the Supreme Being, it is only an illusion that humans can change the universal standard of good and evil.  We simply are not the Ultimate Authority on these issues.

Professing to be wise, they became fools... therefore God also gave them up to uncleanness, in
the lusts of their hearts, to dishonor their bodies among themselves.
Romans 1: 22-24
There is a way that seems right to a man, but its end is the way of death.
Proverbs 14: 12

Being denied the Spirit of God, much of society is left to struggle with profound feelings of loneliness.  Even when things are going well, most people feel unsatisfied and empty.  In turn, hurting humanity desperately tries to fill this void with all sorts of temporary substitutes.  The spiritually starving masses waste money calling all sorts of psychic hot lines and spiritual mystics.  Because they have never been taught to pray to their God, most people now consider it normal to pay strangers to listen to their life issues.  Counselors and psychologists demand big money just to act like an "old-fashioned" friend or pastor.

And still others try to fill the "God void" with chemicals.  Fifty years ago, drug abuse existed only on the fringes of society.  Now entire neighborhoods and cities are "drug malls" that capture generations.  In lieu of Spirit, we grasp for liquor, marijuana, cocaine, and amphetamines to achieve "higher" experiences.  Many of our college students sell their books to buy booze and drugs; while high school students search for euphoria and love at "rave" drug parties.  And even our small children are being sedated with Ritalin and other prescription drugs, as a substitute for biblical love and discipline.  This is all playing right into the plan of the kingpins, because they control the pharmaceutical companies and the international drug cartels.

And do not be drunk with wine, in which is dissipation; but be filled with the Spirit.
Ephesians 5: 18

As America falls into the darkness of Communism, the standard of learning is drastically dropping.  The United States once produced the brightest minds in the world, but now the universities produce a crop of drones for the system.  By realigning the requirements for graduation, the elitists discourage the masses from learning world history.  Most students do not even realize that in just the last 60 years, America has had to fight the global Communist movement in World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Cold War... and now the Drug War/War on Terror.

What ever happened to the old adage:  "What we don't learn from history, we are doomed to repeat?"  According to a survey by the American Council of Trustees and Alumni, students can now graduate from 100% of the top American universities without mastering basic world history.  And seventy-eight percent of all colleges and universities no longer require students to take a single history course.

Biblical history, in particular, is fundamental to public education.  Have we already forgotten that public schools and universities were created by Christians to ensure higher learning among the general public?  Christians founded all of the most prestigious universities, including Yale, Harvard, Princeton, Dartmouth, Brown and Oxford.  Just look at the common university motto:  "The Truth Will Set You Free."  That is a direct quote from the mouth of Jesus Christ.

In fact, Bible-believing Christians founded nearly every branch of science known today.  Francois Bacon, known as "the father of modern science," was a devout Christian.  Just to name a few others:  Johannes Kepler established Celestial Mechanics.  Lord Joseph Lister developed Antiseptic Surgery.  Louis Pasteur discovered Bacteriology.  Samuel Morse developed Telegraphy.  Lord Kelvin defined Energetics.  Blaise Pascal unveiled Hydrostatics.  Robert Boyle brought forth Chemistry.  Charles Babbage created Computer Science.  James Simpson developed Anesthesiology.  Matthew Fontaine Maury established Oceanography and Sir Isaac Newton instituted Calculus and Dynamics.

Despite the overwhelming evidence that Christians have advanced human civilization more that any other society, the mainstream continues to propagate blatant lies.  For example, the front page of the February 1, 1993 issue of the Washington Post printed the outright untruth that the followers of evangelical Christians are "...largely poor, uneducated and easy to command."  I mention this particular publication because the owner also controls several other media agencies that continually preach this type of anti-Christ propaganda.
Even further, this media conglomerate meets annually with the French "Bilderberger Society" of world leaders.  Every year, the Bilderberger's Executive Steering Committee meets with select politicians, billionaires and media moguls to discuss their world agenda.  They post snipers on the roof and armed guards everywhere, yet the mainstream media never airs a single news report about this monumental gathering of "movers and shakers."  It seems the media bias influencing the masses is not only found in the stories they cover, but also in the news they refuse to report.
The Socialist movements always choose cunning "banner mottoes" that we cannot easily protest.  Then they send their ACLU "thought and speech police" after anyone that speaks or acts against their "politically correct" worldview.  Pro-Choice is one such banner motto... who could be against free choice?  Notice their propaganda slogan is careful not to mention the true issue at hand, which is abortion.  Poll statistics show that seventy percent of Americans believe that abortion kills babies, so the "information ministers" redirect our passion to the obvious:  That women deserve a choice concerning their own body.

God and everyone else agree that women should have a choice, but that choice must be made before conception.  We all know "where babies come from," so if a woman chooses to sexually procreate a child, then she as made her choice.  To think that we should be able to make that Creative decision retrospectively by murdering our descendants is ludicrous and violent.  I understand that some people are victims of terrible crimes like rape, and my heart laments for their trauma.  Nonetheless, victims of rape do not have the right to kill the rapist, so why should they have the right to kill the other victim... their baby.  Murder has never been a good solution for the tragedies of life; and is not a legal right for the victims of any other crime.

These isolated, but sad stories are simply exploited as propaganda by the Pro-Choice movement, which is financed by the profiteers of the baby-killing business.  Almost a century ago, Rockefeller, Du Pont, and Collins foundations joined forces with the "back alley" abortion industry.  They were interested in controlling the population of earth, and abortion clinics were one of a net of methods they explored.  So they started the American Birth Control League in 1921.

That association opened the Birth Control Research Bureau in 1923.  In 1939, the ABCL and another population control group merged to form the Birth Control Federation of America, which changed its name to Planned Parenthood Federation in 1942.  Since then, this organization has established over 900 centers in the United States.  Furthermore, it maintains a 5,000 volume library on population control, sterilization, euthanasia and abortion.

In fact, one of the leaders of the Planned Parenthood Federation was also a signer of the Humanist (Socialist) Manifesto.  And, the president Fay Wattleton was awarded "Humanist of the Year" in 1986.  Now in 2003, the Socialists systematically send Planned Parenthood into all public schools selling abortion and contraception.  Under the guise of public "sex education," the elitists make billions while lowering the population.  And by no coincidence, Planned Parenthood was run by Eugene R. Black... who was also the head of World Bank and chief financial power behind Warner Communications.

In 1984, the Rockefellers alone "donated" $1,235,000.00 to an organization called the Population Council: $29,730.00 to the Center for Population Options: and $10,000.00 to the Population Institute.  That same year they gave several grants to the Communist Red Chinese Academy of Medical Science to do sterilization and genetic research.  With total disregard for the sanctity of Life, the elitist programs are looking more and more like the Nazi medical programs that practiced sterilization and euthanasia of the "unwanted."
Furthermore, the elitists have known for years that abortion causes cancer, but you will not see that warning in their Planned Parenthood literature, in Time Magazine articles or as breaking medical news on any of their television stations.  Instead, they see terminal illness as just another method of population control.  They even refuse to teach abstinence, since the AIDS and STD epidemics lower the global population. 

Nevertheless, a top British Medical Journal concluded abortion is a major cause of the breast cancer epidemic.  Their research began when they realized that breast cancer is rampant in America, yet rare in third world countries.  After noticing that the average age of breast cancer patients was getting younger and younger, they found abortion to be the common denominator.  When a woman gets pregnant, her body produces new breast cells necessary for lactation (milk production.)  After the baby is delivered, those cells go through a cycle of production then dissipation.  When the pregnancy is cut short by abortion, the natural cell cycle is interrupted, leaving them stranded in the breast and prone to cancerous growth.

According to a 1994 study by the Hutchinson Cancer Research Clinic, girls under 18 who abort their first pregnancy (after two or more months) show an 800% increase in breast cancer.  At present, 180,000 women are diagnosed each year with breast cancer.  And another 140,000 women have abortion-related complications requiring medical attention.  But due to the motive and control of these agencies, the general public is not informed about ABCS (Abortion Breast Cancer Syndrome) or the other major health risks.

Unfortunately, to change our evil ways would actually hurt the economy.  Closing the "big business" of abortion would cost some powerful agencies a lot of money.  Several very profitable industries have grown from "parting out" the bodies and tissue to research clinics, so the kingpins make huge "contributions" to select politicians to keep it legal.  The programmed masses just use it as a way to escape accountability for their own sexual behavior, but "down deep" we all know it is wrong.

And even if you fell for their sleazy slogan, you must realize that it is not the woman's body they freely choose to kill.  While every cell in the woman's body is marked with her own genetic identity, every cell of the baby has a uniquely different set of DNA.  This makes it simple to distinguish the child's identity from the mother.  Even inside the womb, each living person has his/her own separate heartbeat, blood type and gender.

Still other callused souls hide behind the Socialist argument that life does not start at the point of conception, yet that was scientifically disproved more than a hundred years ago.  In 1866, Ernst Heinrich Haeckel found that Unfortunately, to change our evil ways would actually hurt the economy.  Closing the "big business" of abortion would cost some powerful agencies a lot of money.  Several very profitable industries have grown from "parting out" the bodies and tissue to research clinics, so the kingpins make huge "contributions" to select politicians to keep it legal.  The programmed masses just use it as a way to escape accountability for their own sexual behavior, but "down deep" we all know it is wrong.

And even if you fell for their sleazy slogan, you must realize that it is not the woman's body they freely choose to kill.  While every cell in the woman's body is marked with her own genetic identity, every cell of the baby has a uniquely different set of DNA.  This makes it simple to distinguish the child's identity from the mother.  Even inside the womb, each living person has his/her own separate heartbeat, blood type and gender.

Still other callused souls hide behind the Socialist argument that life does not start at the point of conception, yet that was scientifically disproved more than a hundred years ago.  In 1866, Ernst Heinrich Haeckel found that Ontogeny Recapitulates Phylogeny.  Ontogenesis is the development of an organic individual as he or she passes through a series of changes during the entire period of life.  This process is conditioned by phylogenesis, which is the identity or genetic predestination of the person, assigned at the moment the egg is fertilized.  From the instant each unique zygote is formed, it is an organic individual with growing life and genetic identity.  In layman terms, a person is alive at the moment of conception, but is programmed to gradually grow up.

For example, children are still considered living people at age five although they may only be a quarter of their eventual size.  And a newborn is not considered dead because it still depends on the mother for nourishment.  Scientifically, killing a premature baby is no better than killing a teenage boy before puberty... since he has not chemically reached "grown man" status.  From conception until death, there is no point where medical science can say, "yesterday this 'product of conception' was not a living person, but today it is."
The reality is that our Communist society has become so selfish that they think it is all right to murder another life to make their own life more convenient.  Yet no logical person can reasonably deny that fetuses are alive, since lots of premature babies are born ... and grow up healthy.  In one instance, a doctor will perform surgery inside the womb to save the life of an unborn baby.  And that same day, another "doctor" (again, I use the term loosely) will go into the womb and murder a healthy baby of the same age.

Just as the pagan Romans threw their unwanted babies on the trash heaps to die, we have again hardened our hearts.  So, the Supreme Court decided women should have the right to kill their premature babies... if they are an inconvenience.  Then they decided that underage girls should also be able to kill their unwanted children without telling their parent or guardian.  Do our children belong to the state like the Hitler Youth?  Apparently, now the government can overthrow parental control and guidance in order to raise American children "their way," which includes giving them secret abortions.  The courts do not deem minors responsible enough to vote, buy cigarettes, buy beer or drive cars, yet the Communist courts have decided they are mature enough to make life and death decisions.  Even though school children can't get an aspirin without parental consent, they can get an abortion.

Next the elitists decided that women needed more convenient ways to get rid of babies, so they introduced chemical abortion.  We discovered that RU-486 made it much easier to poison another 275,000 infants each year.  Despite God's laws, the United States Supreme Court thought this all sounded wonderful and wise.  But soon, we needed ways to get rid of children's bodies that were too big for conventional abortion methods.  After the second trimester, babies are too developed to be removed any way besides giving birth.  So, the hard-hearted and evil-spirited quickly legalized "Partial Birth Abortion."

In this method, the baby is turned around in the womb with forceps.  The body of the baby is then born, while the head is left inside the cervix.  Then, the "doctor" stabs the baby in the back of its head, at the base of the neck, with scissors or other sharp instrument.  This usually kills the infant, but some babies kick and squirm right up until their brains are sucked out.  Are you really proud of what our society has become?  It is absurd to call this progress... the proper term is regress.  Although the left-wing President Clinton vetoed every bill congress passed to stop this barbarism, we finally have a law stating that newborn babies have all the legal rights of any human citizen; therefore cannot be murdered.

Why would we need to have a law that states such an obvious concept?  Apparently, it has become a common occurrence for abortion clinics to kill newborn babies that "slip out" during botched partial birth abortions.  And before President Bush signed the Born-Alive Infants Protection Act on August 5, 2002, many hospitals had begun the "born-alive" abortion procedure; wherein, labor is induced and the living baby is laid aside in a "comfort room" to die of neglect.  Add that tidbit to the growing number of teenage girls that are suddenly throwing newborns in the trash, and we can actually see the evil ideology of pagan culture reviving.

Obviously, "Pro-Choice" is nothing more than a slick play on words to hide the true issues at hand.  The Pro-Choice activists can call moral people extremists, fanatics or anything that helps them cope; but the wise should proudly stand against their evil worldview.  (Just talking about it makes me feel like I need a bath.)  Let us not forget the horror just 60 years ago when the Nazi Supreme Court ruled that Jews were not people with a right to life:  Or when Western European courts ruled that Africans were just pieces of property that could be sold as slaves.  And yet again, our human judgment has failed us concerning this crime against humanity.  Who are you going to believe:  God or the Socialists?  What spirit are you going to obey:  Christ or anti-Christ?
The Holy Bible is not merely a "religious" book, but a dutifully preserved collection of historic texts.  "Bible" actually means "The Book" because it was considered the authoritative record of earth's history until recently.  And because it is the ultimate authority on this planet's history, there are more Bibles in circulation than any other literary work produced by the human race... making this phenomenal Book the #1 best seller of all time.

Archeologists have recovered more than 13,000 copies of the ancient written record that we now call "The Bible."  Likewise, over 100,000 antique letters confirming the biblical accounts have been collected.  If this many texts supported the evolutionist illusion of reality, such a mountain of archeological evidence would surely be flaunted as "concrete proof."  For example, historians do not question the truth of Caesar's Gaelic Wars, since they have located just 10 copies of that written record.  In short, if the Bible is deemed inaccurate, then all ancient historical records ever located must also be disregarded.

While all other religious books were written from the perspective of a single generation, the Holy Bible compiles texts from diverse ages and cultures of world history.  Furthermore, the doctrines of most other religions were written by a single religious founder, like Mohammed.  Quite the opposite, Jesus never wrote a single word of the Bible.  Instead, the Spirit of Christ chose to prove His eternal existence by writing the Bible through multiple human bodies.  So, the Holy Bible is composed of 73 books written by nearly thirty different historians throughout every era of world history.

The Bible is a mathematical and literary phenomenon that is self-evident and unparalleled.  Certainly, no other group of human authors has ever conspired to write an unfolding story throughout all of time.  Even Milton's epics appear shallow compared to the saga of good and evil that plays out in the Holy Bible; and Shakespeare's prose do not compare with the poetic depth of biblical verse.  Nevertheless, our public schools teach students about the works of Shakespeare and Milton, while banning the greatest literary masterpiece ever produced by the human race.

Furthermore, the Holy Bible is the only historical document that is not confined to the present and past, but also records the history of earth's future.  The predictions of Nostradamus, Edgar Cayce and Miss Cleo combined do not even come close to the accuracy of Bible prophecies.  In fact, all of history has played out perfectly "by the Book."  If the Bible did not contain verifiable foreknowledge, it may have been disregarded centuries ago like the mythologies of many ancient cultures.  Instead, supernatural phenomena continually attest the authenticity of the Holy Bible.

For example, encrypted messages have now been found throughout the Old and New Testaments.  It appears that the Bible is speaking in several different frequencies simultaneously.  Even non-religious scientists have proven this phenomenon by thoroughly testing the oldest definitive Bible texts.  Armed with a powerful computer and frequency-skip program not available to earlier scholars, the former skeptics concluded that the Bible codes were undeniably true.

Two decades ago, the Peer Review Committee of Statistical Mathematics conducted their own tests.  They searched everything from War and Peace to the Talmud, yet found nothing comparable to the Bible codes.  In August of 1994, they published their results in the world's leading scientific journal of mathematics, declaring the Bible Codes are "beyond the capacity of man."  This is absolute proof that a higher life form did write the Holy Scriptures.  As always, unbiased science easily proves that the God of the Holy Bible does exist.

Skeptics should realize that the researchers did not allow any room for human error or leniency, allowing the computer to locate and decode sequences without prejudice.  These programs can be investigated and even purchased at www.genesistojesus.com.  Even more amazingly, the Bible maintains a relative ad coherent message on the surface while speaking greater details about each subject just beneath the surface.

For example, in Genesis 1: 17, the surface of the Bible talks about God creating light.  According to Yacov Rambsel, author of The Genesis Factor, every 94th letter in the original Hebrew text spells:  "Lighthouse speed conceived" and "186,282."  True to form, the EXACT speed of light is 186,282 miles per second.  Moses obviously did not sit on a boulder with his abacus and figure this out.  According to the mainstream worldview, technology capable of detecting the speed of light certainly did not exist in ancient times...yet there it is...for all the world to see.
In another example, "Oklahoma" was found encoded with the phrases "there will be terror," "terrible frightening death," "Murrah Building," "killed," "torn to pieces," "slaughter," "McVeigh," "His name is Timothy," "day 19" and "9th hour."  Those Bible texts were written thousands of years before Timothy McVeigh was ever born... before his mother ever met his father... before his great grandfather was even born.  Even if you think the writers conspired to encode messages, how could the ancient prophets have known that he was going to be born... or that His parents would name him Timothy?  How could they have known there would be a Murrah Federal Building... or even that there would be a state named Oklahoma for that matter?

There is absolutely NO mathematical possibility that these names and phrases coincidentally appeared beneath the text... and then actually occurred in world history.  In fact, some events have been decoded before they were fulfilled and could not be stopped.  For example, Michael Drosnin, author of The Bible Codes, found "Yatzhik Rabin" encoded with the phrases, "assassin will assassinate," "Amir" and "1995."  Drosnin warned the Israeli leader a year in advance, yet a terrorist named Amir assassinated Prime Minister Rabin in 1995.

According to Dr. Grant Jeffrey, author of The Signature of God, the names "George W. Bush" and "John Ashcroft" were also found encrypted in the ancient Scriptures.  In fact, John F. Kennedy's assassination, Saddam Hussein's rise to power and the Apollo moon missions are all encoded in the Holy Scriptures.  This is obviously one of the most intriguing and revolutionary discoveries of the human race, yet it is completely ignored by the mainstream community.

Another 3,000 year-old encryption, that cannot be refuted, detailed the evils of World War II.  In the Hebrew book of Deuteronomy, every twenty-two letters spells out "Hitler."  In the same text area, the computer found the words "holocaust," "king of the Nazis," "Furor," "Mien Kampf," "evil house will rise up" and "crematoria for My sons."  Again, this seems impossible, but it is right there for the entire world to see.  Even further, every 666th letter of the Torah (first five books of the Old Testament) spells out "Satan the accuser" exactly seven times.

And in the book of Daniel, beneath the verse that says "God gives wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those who have understanding," the name Einstein appears.  At a consistent 9120 frequency, the Bible reads "Einstein," "atomic mass," "velocity," "genius," "Light" and "knowledge."  In fact, the surface text seems to be related to the encrypted text in nearly every case.  And I suspect that anything appearing unrelated is just a fragment of communication that can be traced back to an original related verse.

The fact that these awesome discoveries are just now surfacing should also make us evaluate our place in history.  In fact, Michael Drosnin began a new search for "end of days" codes after the events of September 11.  His findings were published in a second book called Bible Code II:  The Countdown (Viking Books.)  When he did a keyword search, he discovered the phrase "end of days" twice, in conjunction with the names "Sharon," "Arafat" and "Bush."  Those names and "end of days" were also found in conjunction with the words "World War," "atomic holocaust" and the Hebrew year 5766... which begins in September of 2005.

And in one passage from Genesis, the computer turned up the phrases "sin, crime of Bin Laden," "the city and the tower" and "they saw smoke rising above the land like a furnace."  Dr. Larry Mitcham, with former skeptics Dr. Clifford and Barbara Wilson, wrote a fully illustrated book called September 11 is in the Bible CodesTherein, they explain how the computer revealed the words "terrorist," "skyjacker," "trade," "New," "York," "fireman," "world," "war" and "Bush" in a single passage of Scripture.  And even more amazingly, those terms were found in the exact same Bible verse that President Bush read during the national address on September 11, 2001.

In fact, Dr. Mitcham claims that everyone's destiny is recorded at variable frequencies in the Bible.  He discovered this by doing a keyword search as a wedding gift for a friend.  To everyone's surprise, the computer turned up the bride's name, the groom's name, the parents' names, the grandparents' names, the town, the ring bearer, the flower girl and much more.  So then he did a search for Dr. Carl Baugh of the Creation Evidence Museum: He found Dr. Baugh's first, middle and last name in conjunction with the name of his wife, the names of his children, the names of his grandchildren, his mother's name and his wife's maiden name.  Then he checked for TBN, the world's largest Christian broadcasting network.  Without error, he found the names of the founders and the staff, including the camera men and sound crew.

Even though the Jews have not yet accepted Jesus as their awaited Messiah, the Bible codes have revealed the name of Jesus hundreds of times throughout the Jewish Torah.  Christians have long known that Isaiah 53: 10 predicted Jesus as the Messiah, but the Jewish faith still refuses to recognize that the verse is speaking about Jesus of Nazareth.  Yet beneath that verse, every 20th letter spells the following phrases:  "Jesus is my name," "let Him be crucified," and "His cross."  In addition "Nazarene" shows up five times all around this passage.  And even though that text predates the birth of all the gospel characters, more than thirty-four names from the New Testament were also found, including every apostle except Judas.

Truly, the Holy Bible is the Word of God.
How can we logically believe in an invisible God?  Believe it or not, we can have a faith in God that withstands the scientific test.  Yet, our complete dependence on the visible realm has suffocated and closed many minds.  We refuse to think outside the "visible" box.  Nevertheless, human perception is not the limit of reality.  In fact, we can only perceive about 3% of the light spectrum, which means we are oblivious to 97% of all frequencies in reality.

Visible light is just one part, like an octave, of the continuum of energy at graduated frequencies.  For example, the "rainbow" is just a tiny part of the light spectrum, which humans can perceive.  Violet is the highest frequency of energy visible to the human eye.  All invisible Light of higher frequencies is called ultraviolet.  Likewise, red is the lowest frequency we can perceive; and everything lower is called infrared.  Although infrared and ultraviolet colors are invisible to the human eye, science proves they do exist.

Obviously, our realm exists somewhere in the middle of God's vast expanse.  Despite the evolutionist fallacy that humans are the zenith of evolution, we have discovered that the human body actually has cruder senses than many other animals on earth.  For example, bats can see infrared light and dogs can hear high frequency sounds that human eardrums do not detect.  At the very least, this scientifically proves that human perception is not the limit of reality.

The outdated theories taught in "public education" are obviously based on the concept that "man is the measure of all things."  Long ago, Socrates mocked this ideology as both vain and false.  Socrates determined that knowledge is nothing more than perception.  Since man can be deceived, he proved that things do not exist by virtue of how man perceives them.  Antithetically, most of us base our whole worldview solely on the "see it to believe it" mentality.

From that arrogant point of view, many pseudo-scientists have wrongly assumed that there could not be higher celestial life forms.  But their prejudice theories do not fit the know data:  A 1991 Gallup Pole reported that over one-third of the population has witnessed an angel, ghost or spirit.  And since closed minds cannot comprehend invisible life forms, they also remain ignorant of the symbiotic relationship between spirit and physical beings.  In truth, scientists have discovered that much of reality is invisible to the naked eye.  Do you believe oxygen is a real atom of matter despite the fact that it is invisible?  Even though you cannot see oxygen, you still need it to survive... the same goes for God.
Science has proven that invisible frequencies of information and energy are all around us, but can only be detected and translated by technologies beyond the human condition.  Do atheists believe in cellular phones, television and radio?  We cannot see, hear, smell, taste, or feel those energy waves with our five human senses, yet mechanical receivers can easily detect them... turning invisible energy into visible and audible messages.  Do skeptics believe in Microwave ovens?  We cannot see microwave energy with the naked eye, but it can burn and object even faster than a visible flame.

We all believe in these invisible realities, so why is it so hard to believe in an invisible God?  The spiritual realm is just another dimension of energy, matter and life that cannot be detected by our naked eye... but that does not make it any less real.  The three-dimensional reality that humans can perceive contains only the Mineral Kingdom, the Plant Kingdom and the Animal Kingdom.  Matter in the Mineral realm is moving so slowing that we perceive it as an almost fixed element of our environment (you know, like glass is actually liquid although we perceive it as solid.)

One octave up, the Plant realm moves fast enough to perceive growth over time, yet bears the restraint of being tethered to the earth.  Humans exist in the higher frequency of the Animal Kingdom, so we can easily detect and interact with all other creatures in that realm, whether they are low frequency like elephants or high frequency like dolphins.  The Bible says that God exists in an even higher frequency than the human race, known as the Celestial Kingdom or the Kingdom of God.  That realm of matter is moving too fast to be detected by the naked eye.  Perhaps we already perceive it physically as photo winds or neutrinos or something.

Aristotle wrote several books on both physics and metaphysics, detailing nature beyond the physical realm.  Unfortunately, the public schools have blinded recent generations by abandoning the study and application of metaphysics.  In fact, many students have never even been taught the basic biology of the triune human being.  Nevertheless, Webster's Comprehensive dictionary defines spirit as "the principle of life and energy in man and animals... ascribed to a divine origin... that entity of a human being that is incorporeal and invisible and is characterized by intelligence, personality, self-consciousness, and will."

Has anyone ever told you that your spirit and soul are very real forms of transcendental energy?  When the physical body dies, this electromagnetic energy is released from the flesh vessel.  This energy does not just evaporate into non-existence.  All known laws of physics would dispute that possibility.  Even if you were to burn a piece of paper down to nothing, that matter doesn't really disappear.  Although it is no longer solid matter formed into a sheet of paper, those atoms of energy are transmuted into invisible gaseous matter.

Just think about it:  What makes us "alive" while a table or a corpse has no life in it?  The answer is electricity... spirit energy.  Anyone can see that a corpse is only alive when invisible electromagnetic waves surge through the circuits of the nervous system and bloodstream. We understand that every man-made electrical invention must be plugged into a power source, yet we have energy coursing through our bodies without being plugged into anything... or are we?  The evidence of the spirit is the life inside your body.  Logic dictates that this vital resource of life energy must come from an energy producer.   A Prime Mover... a Source... God.
The barbaric theories of men like Darwin have laid flawed foundations, yet closed minds continue to build on them as truth.  Darwin's generation still thought that cells were just simple jelly-filled capsules of matter, so he knew nothing about DNA when he theorized that evolution could explain the diversity of species.  To say the least, Darwin's theory that all of creation formed by non-intelligent jelly-sacks blobbing and morphing and sticking together randomly is passé ideas.  We can excuse the primitive scientific community of that day for jumping on the wrong bandwagon, but there is no excuse for believing the theory of evolution in this technological age.

It is now common knowledge that the famed "Lucy" skeleton was a fraud, but you will not be taught that truth in public school.  Come to find out, the archeologist had placed a human kneecap bone found two hundred yards away with the skeletal remains of a chimpanzee, to counterfeit upright posture.  Then, he had the pelvis bone cut into pieces and glued back together for the museum exhibit.  Not to mention that the skeleton was found in a sediment layer sandwiched between two layers of modern Homo Sapiens.  This proves that "Lucy" did not evolve into modern man over time, but actually lived after modern humans already existed.

Furthermore, American schools began teaching the theory of evolution based on a single tooth found in the 1920's.  For a fleeting moment, it appeared that an archeologist had found a tooth from the human-ape "missing link."  So there was an infamous "monkey trial" that declared evolution a viable theory.  But two years later, after the dig was complete, that same archeologist had recovered the skull, jawbone and entire skeleton, of that "missing link."  It turned out to be the body of an extinct pig, and again the public never heard the truth.  Ashamed of their haste, the newspapers only printed a one-line retraction on the back page.  Further details can be viewed at www.creationevidence.org.

Without careful consideration, scientists also wrongly assumed that "Neanderthal" remains could be a "missing link" between monkeys and humans.  But the evolutionary theory contends that brain capacity gradually grew into the peak of human intelligence.  Evolutionists teach that the larger brain of the human evolved from the smaller brain of the monkey, so any "missing link" between those developmental stages must be a mid-sized brain.  Quite the opposite, the skulls that they label "Neanderthals" have larger brain cavities than modern humans do.  Again, the evidence does not fit the out-dated theory of evolution.

Even further, the archeological digs unearthed the bones of modern man right along side these other humanoid remains.  The two species date to the same period and apparently lived together in the same cave settlements.  This completely disproves the possibility that one evolved from the other over millions of years.  On the other hand, it verifies the biblical claim that hybrid Gentile races coexisted with humans throughout ancient history.  Nevertheless, scientists and schools are still trying to force the "square peg" theory of evolution into the "round hole" of truth.

Ironically, scientists discovered immediately that the theory of evolution did not fit the facts.  Being able to calculate our current rate of change and adaptation, they found that an entire human body absolutely could not have evolved in the historic time-line of planet earth.  Rather than discard the flawed theory, they just threw away the records of world history.  Then, they concocted an imaginary age to fit their erroneous theory.  Without proof, they began declaring that the earth must be billions of years old.  When in truth, the evidence shows that earth is a young planet.

For example, a Russian physicist has compiled nearly all known data and formulas concerning time and matter in this universe.  Although he originally set out to disprove the biblical account of history once and for all, his eight-page equation validated the biblical time scale perfectly.  He found that the earth was at its most refined state (Eden) between six and ten thousand years ago.  Top scholars from nearly every major nation have checked and rechecked his work, but not one of them can find a flaw.

Although evolutionists want you to believe that the earth has been progressively improving over time, science proves otherwise.  Nearly every respectable scientist agrees that this universe is in a state of "entropy," which simply means it is running down or decaying.  Everyone knows we are exhausting our natural resources.  Scientists have also been measuring the earth's electromagnetic field for generations.  By comparing the data from decade to decade, they easily proved that the earth is not prospering or even self-sustaining.  Although this energy field is necessary for biogenesis (life,) it has been steadily falling.  At the current rate of degeneration, calculations show that planet earth will be completely dead in about 800 years.
Again, the whole of known data obviously does not fit the theory of evolution.  Unfortunately, the "revisionists" continue to censor the true history left by our ancestors in order to propagate their own vain imaginations.  For example, genetic codes have revealed that the human race can be traced back to single common ancestor, just like the biblical story of Adam has long declared.  By isolating the genes for ethnic traits (like skin color,) scientists can prove each trait traces back to an ancestor.  Likewise, the ancient records of every race from the Mayans to the Chinese confirm that fact.  As always, the known facts contradict spontaneous gradual mutation, thereby ending all regional evolution theories for race.

Science is finally catching up with the Judeo-Christian faith, and it is clear that evolution is no longer a viable theory.  To have faith in the "secular humanist" (atheist or evolutionist) worldview, one must disregard every record of ancient history ever found.  Not a single historical text ever discovered (religious and secular) confirms the evolutionist theory of world history.  Just ask your teachers to scrounge up proof of even one six-thousand-year-old record that supports the theory of evolution... they cannot do it... because no historical record or evidence of evolution exists.

On the other hand, there are mountains of records that support the Biblical account of world history.  For example, Noah's flood is documented in every culture on planet earth.  According to Dr. Charles Berlitz, author of The Lost Ship of Noah, practically identical accounts of the flood have been found in Persian, Sanskrit, Chinese, European, Aztec, Inca, Mayan and ancient Egyptian texts.  In addition, the Islamic Koran, the Jewish Torah and the Christian Bible all tell the story of the global flood.

Even further, archeological evidence has been found in two hundred and seventy-two discoveries from every culture around the world.  Dr. Ethel Nelson, a Chinese Pictograph Linguist, claims that Samarian and Babylonian tablets from 700 BC also detail the Great Flood.  And, even older accounts have been found in Chinese Characters of bronze vessels.  The ancient Mayan texts precisely record that the planet began the post-flood age in 3113 BC, which corresponds exactly with the biblical dates.

Obviously, a cataclysmic influx of water covered the globe, causing continental drift and leaving earth 70% covered in water.  Like puzzle pieces, the edges of modern continents fit perfectly together illustrating a single ancient landmass.  A common layer of sediment has also been found to span nearly every continent.  Even further, fossilized sea creatures have been discovered on mountaintops around the globe.  And just as many modern floods leave surrounding areas with sandy soil incapable of growing crops, the global flood left modern earth with several desert wastelands.

Scientists have also found that water accelerates the transfer of minerals causing fossilization.  While the brainwashed mainstream believes fossils must be millions of years old, the Creation Evidence Museum has recovered several fossils that are less than 100 years old.  For example, they have a fossilized cowboy boot with the let still in it; and a fossilized pickle in a contemporary canning jar.

Even the meteor belt disproves the "Big Bang" ideology taught by evolutionists.  Out of all the meteor fragments that humanity has recovered, not a single one was a mysterious mix of primordial elements.  Instead, they all turned out to be debris blown off the surface of already existing bodies... Moon rocks and Mars rocks.  First, the evolutionists try and tell us that a "Big Bang" must have caused the formation of the meteor belt, the planets and so forth... then millions or billions of years later, the waters on those rocks magically turned into micro-life.  But that means the meteor belt must predate all life forms, and it does NOT.  Scientists have now discovered micro-life fossils inside meteors, which further detracts from the ridiculous "rock-wreck" theory.

How could anyone believe an explosion could design and assemble the diverse elements of this cosmic machine?  Have you ever seen an explosion produce even a simple machine?  I guarantee you could blow up buckets of plastic and metal for the rest of your life; and not one would ever create a delicate watch that runs as precisely as our Solar System.  All of the true scientists admit that the Big Bang is more ludicrous than believing a tornado could hit a junkyard and put together a fleet of fighter jets.  All of these happenstance explanations simply are not viable theories in the post-modern world.

So, why would so many intelligent people buy into the lie of evolution?  You guessed it:  the anti-Christ socialists have successfully indoctrinated our generation into their godless worldview.  The rich dynasties fund and control many of the museums and historical associations, so they easily propagate their illusion of human origins.  For example, I have traced elitist funding and trustees to the American Museum of Natural History, which heavily promotes evolution as if it were a fact rather than a theory.  Even their television networks broadcast disinformation through strategic science and history "programming."  Likewise, their news agencies continually suppress and censor scientific evidence of intelligent design, while reporting the unfounded claims of pseudo-scientists faithful to their Socialist Party.
Because we have been propagandized with the evolutionist worldview since childhood, many people find it hard to believe that there are more advanced life forms than the human being.  Therefore, they reject the biblical accounts of God and other celestial beings.  Nevertheless, archeologists have discovered evidence that proves advanced races inhabited the earth thousands of years ago.  In the Berlin Museum, a six-thousand-year-old Sumerian artifact clearly depicts our solar system with the sun in the center, surrounded by all nine planets.  In stark contrast, humans thought the earth was flat until about five hundred years ago.  Furthermore, the ancient art perfectly depicts the planet Pluto, which humans did not discover until 1930.

And again, the ancient Ica stones recorded a global map of earth as seen from outer space... thousands of years before humans ever built a plane or shuttle.  And if you think there could not be undetected life forms in our universe, you should know that scientists still discover a new species of life every ten days in the ocean depths.  We readily accept and document all new species below the human race, but arrogantly disbelieve all evidence and reports of higher species.  At some point, the mainstream drew a line in the sand that halted study and classification of any higher life forms.

Nevertheless, we must get out of the box and look at the greater reality.  The framework of the universe, which God created, is an engineering, architectural and biological perfection beyond our current level of intelligence.  In fact, all of our equations, laws and formulas are the result of back engineering the intelligent design of our environment.  No human scientist ever created a new law that governed the matter of our universe.

For example, Einstein did not create the laws of energy and motion:  He just discovered the principles that already governed the world.  Benjamin Franklin and Thomas Edison did not create electricity:  They simply discovered properties of energy that already existed.  Likewise, humans did not create nuclear power:  We simply discovered how to unleash the power that was already inside the atom.  Furthermore, mankind did not create or design human DNA:  We simply discovered the intelligent design that was already present within us.

Even the basic programming of the DNA molecule completely nullifies the possibility of gradual evolution.  Scientists have now discovered that the individual parts are biochemically codependent, which means all the features had to come into existence at the exact same moment.  All the data in DNA is useless until it is accessed by a specific and complex protein:  And that protein cannot develop without the design orders inside the DNA.  In analogy, I could give you a tape that contains all the instructions on how to guild a tape player, but it is useless without an already-existing tape player to decode the instructions.  Likewise, it is scientifically impossible that the complex features of any cell or any body could have survived or evolved independent from one another.  That means instantaneous assembly was required.

Carl Sagan once made the analogy that the DNA of even the simplest cell contains data equivalent to 100 millions pages of the Encyclopedia Britannica.  So, I wonder if we were walking down the beach and found 100 millions pages of a computer program that perfectly designed a self-reproducing intelligent living machine, would we assume all the pages, words and numbers just accidentally landed on that same beach in perfect order?  Even if we just found one page, we would instantly know that an intelligent being wrote it.  Actually, even when scientists find primitive pottery they never conclude that it spontaneously formed itself.  Common sense dictates that it must have been designed and made by an intelligent being.  Yet, some mediocre minds still cannot see that DNA evidence has already confirmed the intelligent design of our bodies... and shattered the illusion of happenstance evolution.
In analogy, SETI continuously scans outer space for possible fragments of intelligent communication.  And if you ask how they would know a particular communication was from intelligent beings, they say there will be a "pattern to it."  Likewise, we know that the universe was created by intelligent design because it has a distinct "pattern to it."  Every time a celestial body is discovered, it is entered into a computer program that produces a three-dimensional map of space.  This new map shows that the stars are not just sprinkled randomly in the sky:  There are seven rings of stars in the heavens, just as there are seven rings of electrons in every atom.

As far as man-made telescopes can see into space, we find systems of light/matter in cyclical orbit.  And as far as man-made microscopes can see into cells, we find invisible systems of light/matter in cyclical orbit.  In short, science has proven that there is nothing random about this perfect design.  In fact, the greatest genius minds of the human race still cannot create, design, nor fully understand the universe we live in.  Therefore, it is completely illogical to assume that anything besides a higher intelligence could design, create and maintain it.

According to Robert V. Gentry, author of Creation's Tiny Mystery, chemists found hard evidence of creation years ago.  They found that Granite rock (which is the only rock the human race cannot yet produce in labs) contains Polonium 218.  Uranium produces Polonium, yet there is no evidence of Uranium halos inside the Granite... which brings us back to the old riddle, "which came first the chicken or the egg?"

Even further, Polonium has a half-life of about three minutes; so if you had a kilo of Polonium, three minutes later you would only have half a kilo; and three minutes later you would only have a quarter kilo and so forth.  Nevertheless, scientists have found distinct Polonium halos encapsulated in the stone of earth, which proves it was completely solid within 30 minutes.  Knowing that the extreme heat of molten rock would have distorted any halos left by these radioactive elements, scientists can prove that the living stone of earth must have been created and cool within 90 minutes at the most.

Even the biblical account of the virgin birth has been proven technologically accurate.  Humans have been engineering virgin births since 1997.  No male sperm was needed to create Dolly or Polly the sheep.  Instead, the unfertilized egg was briefly zapped with an electromagnetic charge.  Likewise, the Bible describes the electromagnetic energy of the Holy Spirit as the Life-giving jolt to the Virgin Mary's egg.  And since stem cells have now been discovered in bone marrow, we can also see that the story of Adam's rib is technologically accurate.  If humans can clone a person from a cell, why couldn't God create woman from a rib?

The fool has said in his heart, "There is no God."
Psalm 14: 1
Humanity has retained the ancient knowledge that eternity is infinite, but seems to have lost the knowledge that time is expiring.  Of course, uninformed skeptics chatter that fanatics have always been around predicting the end of time, yet nothing ever happens.  It is true that many false prophets have risen up to distract from the truth, but anyone could see that the biblical criteria never supported their claims.  The Holy Bible describes a specific chain of events that must occur to herald the End of Days.  Furthermore, the ancient Scriptures require that all of these end time prophecies must come to pass in a single generation.
If the Bible is true, the same generation that sees the rebirth of Israel must also see the remaining prophesies manifest in concert.  Knowing that Israel again became a nation on the global map in 1948, we can use that as our landmark date.  Then, we can check for the other end time prophecies that may have bloomed during the same period ... like the birth of a one-world government, one-world economy, instantaneous global communication, technologies capable of scorching an entire planet, and so forth.

Then say to them, "Thus says the Lord God: 'Surely I will take the children of Israel from among
the nations, wherever they have gone, and will gather them from every side and bring them into their
own land; and I will make them one nation in the land..."
Ezekiel 37:  21-22
Then He (Jesus) spoke to them a parable:  "Look at the fig tree and all the trees.  When they are
already budding, you see and know for yourselves that summer is now near.
So you also, when you see these things happening, know that the kingdom of God is near.
Assuredly, I say to you, this generation will by no means pass away till all things take place.
Luke 21:  29-32
Now learn this parable from the fig tree:  When its branch has already become tender and puts
forth leaves, you know that summer is near.
So you also, when you see all these things, know that it is near - at the doors.  Assuredly, I say to
you, this generation will by no means pass away till all these things take place.
Matthew 24:  32-34

Not surprisingly, I found that the Universal Declaration of Human Rights was adopted by the global general assembly in 1948.  And, the 1948 GATT Treaty placed the United States under the authority of the World Trade Organization.  Even the World Bank and International Monetary Fund were born in 1948.

I also discovered the escalating war between Pakistan and India (who currently possess nuclear weapons) began over Cashmere in 1948.  Likewise, the Communist movement split Korea into South and North Korea (a modern nuclear threat) in 1948.  Simultaneously, the Communist movement split Vietnam into North and South Vietnam in 1948.

Again, the "computer age" was born with the invention of the transistor at Bell Labs in 1948.  Our great grandparents relied on horseback or train to send information quickly, but now the World Wide Web grants instantaneous audiovisual global communication.  The "Information Theory" was also revealed in 1948, which joined the transistor to make commercial TV (the perfect propaganda machine) an American institution.  Even Cybernetics and three-dimensional Holography were introduced to the public in 1948.

During the same era, in 1945, the elitists set up their global government known as the United Nations.  The United Nations then took over the Permanent Court of International Justice in 1945, which is now called the World Court.  And, let us not forget that the first nuclear bomb was deployed in 1945.  On another front of the Antichrist siege, the Socialists overturned our First Amendment rights and built "the wall of separation" in 1947.  Just as Hitler made laws against the Jews, this corrupt Supreme Court decision erased Judeo-Christian freedom of speech and religion... Christians can no longer express their beliefs in public education or public office.

Although shallow-thinkers criticize the Bush administration for focusing on Iraq more than the War on Terror, they fail to realize these are one in the same.  This is just one phase of an age-old Holy war.  The Islamic terrorist networks have already been traced through the Arab nations and all the way back to the same U. N. countries that fought to keep America out of Iraq.  In reality, the military strategies and wars we see right now are just the front lines of a much more sophisticated war among the kingpin families.

These powerful families are continually battling for control in ways that the average person could not fathom.  In the past, these wars were smaller "family feuds" like the War of the Roses, where the House of York fought the House of Lancaster costing the lives of about 100 royal heirs.  But since these families now puppet entire nations, infighting results in world wars.  The real war is between the Kingdom of God and the Communist dictatorship... between Christ and Anti-Christ.
Although there has been a single ongoing World War between good and evil for several generations, the general public only perceives it as fragments or smaller "unrelated" conflicts.  In reality, the "Allies" did not stop fighting the "Axis of Evil" after World War I.  Although we subdued the "Central Powers" in World War I, we continued to battle Communist dictators in World War II, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Cold War.  And even today, the Socialist movement is growing and threatening global freedom.  The present phase of this ongoing Holy War is being called the War on Terror.

Although power-hungry dictators like Napoleon and Hitler have tried to take over the world before, the necessary end time framework has never been in place.  These prior dictatorships did not have the benefit of the U. N. global government, digital commerce or global tracking satellites.  But now, the kings are easily moving humanity in the direction of a fully computerized exchange system in preparation for the reign of Antichrist.  In fact, patent number 5,878,155 of the United States Patent and Trademark Office recently fulfilled the prophesied "mark of the beast."  On March 2 of 1999, the patent was verified for a global identification system, proposed as a microchip or bar code on the human skin.

And the bar code system we currently use is framed within the number 666, which already marks nearly every item bought and sold in the world.  Although the numbers are deviously omitted under these three sets of parallel lines, the skeleton (first, middle and last number) of nearly every bar code is 6,6, and 6.  I challenge everyone to go to your cabinet and check several items to verify my claims.  The addition of satellite technology to digital identification has made global tracking possible for the first time in world history.  This "mark of the beast" seemed fantastical just a few short years ago, but now the prototypes are popping up everywhere.  Animal shelters already implant microchips in pets; zoos implant tracking chips in their animals; and automobile companies install tracking devices in cars.

According to the London Times, human sub-skin microchip implants have been in test trials for several years.  The June 22, 1999 issue of PC Magazine contained an informative article concerning these microchips:  Your Identity Will Be Digital by Jake Kirshner, stated, "In the future, those chips will be imbedded in our clothes and perhaps eventually in our bodies."  The Jewish World Review further explained how the identity chips receive and emit radio waves in the presence of transceivers fitted to recognize the unique signal emanating from each chip.  The implant lies just under a flat area of skin, like the back of your hand or your forehead, and has deceptive "advantages."

The microchip will allow people to carry out daily commerce by simply swiping their hand over a scanner to make payments, check bank balances, debit accounts, pass security clearances and replace computer passwords.  Unwitting parents may also accept the mark on their children under the guise of safety.  The identity chip is already being billed as the miracle means of locating missing and abducted children.  Likewise, it could track people lost at sea and even Alzheimer's patients that wander away.  It could even store medical information to aid emergency health treatment.

Furthermore, it will enable government agencies to end illegal immigration and condense "old-fashioned" identification such as Social Security cards, Drivers Licenses, Military ID cards, ATM cards, credit cards and so on... ending current problems with fake ID, counterfeit money and identity theft.  In fact, the United States military already issues a multitask card, prophetically called the MARC, which is a prototype for a national civilian identification system.  This cunningly handy computer chip stores the complete personal data of each owner.  Sounds great, doesn't it?

Do not be deceived, there is no advantage to being marked by the government.  The Bible says that those who submit to this new technology seal their fate, with medical side effects and satanic oppression.  This tracking system and global information database was predicted thousands of years ago as the means by which the end time Antichrist mimics the omniscience, omnipresence and omnipotence of Christ.

He causes all, both small and great, rich and poor, free and slave, to receive a mark on their right
hand or on their foreheads, and that no may buy or sell except one who has the mark or the name
of the beast, or the number of his name.
Here is wisdom.  Let him who has understanding calculate the number of the beast, for it is the
number of a man:  His number is 666.
Revelation 13:  16-18
If anyone worships the beast and his image, and receives his mark on his forehead or on his hand,
He himself shall also drink of the wine of the wrath of God...
And the smoke of their torment ascends forever and ever; and they have no rest day or night, who
worship the beast and his image, and whoever receives the mark of his name.
Revelation 14:  9-11
And a foul and loathsome sore came upon the men who had the mark of the beast and those who
worshipped his image.
Revelation 16:  2

We each sit at a crucial crossroads in world history:  We can blindly follow the mainstream ideology engineered by the rising Socialist dictatorship; or we can stop banning God, stand up for what is right and unite in the Spirit of Christ.

And if it seems evil to you to serve the Lord, choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve...
but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.
Joshua 24:  15
Now when they heard this, they were cut to the heart, and said to Peter and the rest of the apostles,
"Men and brethren, what shall we do?"
Then Peter said to them, "Repent and let every one of you be baptized in the name of Jesus
Christ for the remission of sins; and you shall receive the gift of the Holy Spirit.
Acts 2:  37-38
The preceding information was taken from the following manuscript.  For more information on these topics and many more, order your copy today.