(**) Disclaimer:  Presence of a link on this page does not indicate our endorsement or approval of all information found therein.  In fact, we disagree strongly with some opinions found in various sites linked below, but in the interest of the greater good we have included them for your learning experience.  Although we believe that some sites do contain erroneous material, each location also contains valuable and unique fragments of the whole TRUTH. These sites have compiled massive amounts of data and research that will help you open your eyes to reality... the BIG PICTURE. It is your responsibility to test all knowledge by the Holy Scriptures, the discerning Spirit of Christ and further research, sifting out all that is true and helpful and disregarding the rest.
As you enter this network of suppressed knowledge, I would like to point out a few things. My primary concerns with any of this content can be resolved by reemphasizing two points:  Jesus is the Christ and our Lord.  He is the primary focus of our mission on earth and purpose for Life.  If any of these sites do not use their talents to glorify Him, please absorb the knowledge they have compiled, but use it to serve the Kingdom of God in Christ Jesus.  Secondly, many conspiracy theorists have over-simplified the problem by assuming that every "conspiracy" is evil.  But we have found that many global "power-brokers" are conspiring to fight evil and restore freedom.  Much like the inter-family Mafia wars, we believe the age-old Illuminati conspiracy is more fluid than the rigid standard model put forth by most "conspiracy theorists." 

In our many years of research and prayer, we have found that there are a few (two main) branches of the Illuminati warring among themselves.  Although we admit that the Bush family and their administration heads are secret society insiders, we sincerely believe that they are using their connections to fight on the side of Christ.  There is no doubt that the Bush family is privy to the highest level of information and technology, since Bush the Senior was head of the CIA for years, Vice President under Ronald Reagan and then held the highest office of our land as President of the United States. In fact, the heritage of the Bush family, their "inside information" and their Christian moral compass should make us all feel a little safer in their hands. 

Although the media propaganda has kept most of us in the dark, George W. Bush and his cabinet connections are certainly privy to a reality that we could not even cope with. So, even when I don't understand why he makes every decision the way he does, I trust that he is making WELL-INFORMED decisions on behalf of the American people. And any objective person can see that his Christian core, mission and morals are obvious in those decisions.  All that being said, I invite you to form your own opinions from the information below, a lifetime of further research and your own unique life experience.