Right now, our earth is poised at the most crucial crossroads in all of world history.  Nations are being systematically polarized by world leaders that seek to destabilize free society and overthrow moral democracy.  All of humanity is standing in the valley of decision... teetering on the brink of World War III.  And whether we can cope with it or not, each of us must choose which side of the battle to join... making no choice at all is the same as choosing to lay down and allow the "axis of evil" to trample global freedom.  Although many "secular" Americans just want to bury their heads in the sand, it is really no secret that we are in a "Holy War."  Although the socialists want us to ignore that crucial fact, everyone knows that the terrorist network has declared Holy War on the whole world... from Sudan to Iraq to Afghanistan and all the way to American soil, this dictatorship is openly killing Christians, Jews and anyone else whom they deem unworthy.

And sadly, the propaganda spewing from the liberal "establishment" media has kept most people in the dark about the enormity of this network.  You see, the socialists want us to focus on the Muslims as if they are the head of the beast, but nothing could be further from the truth.  There are many lower-level terrorist gangs employed and financed by a covert network of rich powerbrokers that seek to overthrow the American Democracy and all other semblances of freedom.  We have seen their invisible hand in everything from the JFK assassination to the Oklahoma City bombing to the World Wars.  So when you finally grasp the big picture, you can understand that the tentacles of the terrorist network actually manipulate several socialist countries, Islamic dictatorships and even corrupt puppets within the American government and military agencies. 

For example, the leftist media propaganda programs bombard us daily with the ideology that the war in Iraq has nothing to do with the War on Terror, but that is completely opposite from the truth.  Come on, it's common knowledge that Saddam and Arafat, among others, have long been paying the families of the suicide bombers around $25,000 to $50,000 a pop.  The reason that so many rich powerbrokers and world leaders want us out of Iraq so badly is because our great military minds are gathering evidence there that links these same elitists to the terrorist network.  In fact, we have already frozen the bank accounts of many of these financiers of terror.  We even discovered that most of the corrupt communist countries in the United Nations were "on the take" from the Oil for Food Program.

Not only were these nations making millions of dollars by secretly breaking sanctions, but we discovered that the very same countries that fought to keep us out of Iraq were supplying weapons and support to Saddam Hussein's regime.  We found helmets and night vision goggles from France and stockpiles of guns from Russia, with serial numbers proving they were produced and shipped after our American soldiers were already there fighting the regime.  We also found that the bunkers were designed by German engineers and the missile fired at Kuwait was supplied from China.  Now I ask you, aren't most of these the same communist countries that ambushed the world in World War II.  How could we have forgotten so soon... that was just sixty years ago... many witnesses of the second world war are still alive.  Wake up America...wake up world!

According to the Holy Bible, the "beast" is a seven-headed monster... a regime comprised of many nations working together to destroy freedom and impose their dictatorship.  And that fascist beast has already slithered through the loopholes in our Constitution, declaring political, religious and military war on America.  Remember Pearl Harbor... remember how Hitler betrayed his own partner Stalin to invade Russia... they aren't going to send us an engraved warning, you know... they are diabolical... they are pretending to be our allies, but they are covertly planning to pounce.  Please don't be deceived by the elite media propaganda machine... don't forget how easily the media persuaded the German people that Hitler was "the right choice."  And here we go again: That same old tired trick is being used to insight the masses against the Judeo-Christian President Bush... and encourage them to support the corrupt world leaders. 

Right now, foreign countries are continuously broadcasting anti-American and anti-Semitic sentiments to whip up the whole world in a frenzy against our oblivious nation and the Jewish nation of Israel.  Even in America, many Americans have been duped into wanting to overthrow their own government.  Can't you see that this is the same exact plan used during the Russian Revolution that overthrew the government to turn Russia into the Communist Soviet Union: USSR... and the same exact scenario that enabled the German government to be taken over by the Nazi Party?  Indeed, what we don't learn from history, we are doomed to repeat.  Surely you didn't believe that Bush was the cause for all the hatred toward America?!  Come on, he's only been in office a couple years, but these foreign media agencies have been indoctrinating the masses into this hatred for decades... just check the program archives... watch the foreign programs on satellite and see for yourself.  This is a very real threat to our freedom.  Just think about it:  We were fighting the Communist movement in World War Two, the Korean War, the Vietnam War and the Cold War... and believe it or not, we are still fighting them in the current War on Terror. 

Please don't believe everything you see in the media... try to view the big picture.   In reality, George Bush is fighting two wars:  The propaganda war against the socialists/secularists for the hearts/souls of the American people and the military war for the freedom of our nation and the whole world.  On the other hand, John Kerry wants to bow down to the UN and the very foreign nations that have always wanted to destroy us.  Come on, use your head... think for yourself:  Regardless of the ceaseless propaganda to overthrow Bush, isn't it obvious who is willing to obey the socialist nations of the UN?  (There's actually a picture of John Kerry shaking hands with the Secretary General of the Communist Party hanging in the Ho Chi Min museum in Communist Vietnam... you can't get more obvious than that.  For more information on his family's financial ties to the terrorist/socialist network, please click on the "Vote 2004" and "Reality Check" icons below.)  You see, this "Holy" War is just that... another phase of the age-old battle between good and evil.

If you are a frustrated Patriot and/or Christian that want to rise to the occasion and fight for freedom, please join the ongoing REVOLUTION.  There are already freedom-fighters on the frontline's of every political, judicial and spiritual battle of this war.  But, the only way we can win is if the whole body finally unites in the cause.  We must lay aside our petty differences and gain strength in SOLIDARITY.  This revolution is not a bloody one as the enemy has launched, but a peaceful loving unity of minds fighting for the kingdom of God on earth.  If  you would like to join the REVOLUTION, please check out the organized movements below.  Some are political battles and some are spiritual battles, but we need warriors on all fronts.  Christ is counting on YOU!  God bless!

And if it seems evil to you to serve the Lord, choose for yourselves this day whom you will serve... but as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord.
Joshua 24: 15 
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